Weekly Tarot Card Reading Horoscope, December 20, 2021

2021-12-23 03:59:19 By : Mr. Dommy Zheng

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Our resident tarot expert Kerry Ward breaks down what’s in the cards for you this week.

You don't need to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross spread to get the most out of a tarot card reading. All you need: your Sun sign! Here's what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and pull out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces, plus one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice around your personality. Let’s go!


Everyone, we need to make this week whatever we want it to be. Do what you want to do, visit the people you love, and go to events that make you feel festive. The Emperor gives us all the ideas, inspiration, and determination to wrap up the end of the year OUR way. Have a happy holiday season—it's time to celebrate!

The Three of Wands gives you permission to PART-AY, Aries, and that's exactly what you love to do. Be spontaneous, go with the flow, and say "yes" to whatever invitations sound both safe and fun. Don’t worry if your calendar looks kinda empty right now; it’s soon going to fill up. You’re a popular person. Go have a blast.

You’re already, dare I suggest, thinking about what 2022 might have in store for you. The King of Swords carries a future-proofing vibe. He looks way ahead, figures out his favored destination, and then plans the steps necessary to get there. This is you, right now. What goals inspire you? What do you want to be different this time NEXT year? It all starts right here. Use your imagination and create an inspiring resolution.

Ready for the best week of the year, Gem? It’s here. The Sun shows that you’re about to reap all of the generous, happy, hopeful seeds you’ve sown this year. Everything is blooming in your life. All you need to do to maximize these good vibes is be confident, show up, and be present. Life is ready to bring you a big basket of gifts. Be ready to receive them.

Give yourself a little shake this week, Cancer. Sometimes when the lights are bright and everyone else is flying high, you can feel a little low or detached. Don’t pressure yourself to do stuff you don’t want to, but DO make an effort to do something new and different—just one thing. It will blow away the blahs, I promise. The lights will look much brighter again.

Trust your intuition and instinct, because they're trying to tell you something really important. Don’t ignore the ~red flags~ flying in front of you. See what’s really going on, and let your hunches do the rest. You need to rely on your own judgment right now. The answers lie within, so don’t listen to anyone else. The High Priestess is the queen of trusting your own intuition.

The Queen of Cups brings love, peace, satisfaction, fulfillment, and reward into your world. You feel loved, needed, and safe. It feels great, right? You can feel more of this if you seek the positive spin on life’s curveballs, and practice being kind and compassionate to yourself. Notice what's different in yourself this week and try to keep it going.

Happy ever afters DO happen, Libra, but they require planning, determination, and persistence. Are you ready to make your own happily ever after this coming year? The Ten of Coins says it starts right here. Dare to envision your ideal lifestyle and everything that's in it. Deconstruct your vision into bite-size elements and create a plan to achieve each piece of the big picture. The universe welcomes you to design your own world.

Put any and all negative thoughts on hold this week, Scorpio, because you need a mental vacay from your own ~inner voice~. The Eight of Swords tells you that this pause will not only refresh your spirits, but make you recalibrate how much attention you pay to your doubts and fears. We all talk badly to ourselves. It’s a crappy habit. It would be a perfect festive gift for you to break yourself out of this spiral. Focus on doing so.

You are so loved and admired, Sag. People are always there for you, even if you don’t always know it. Lately, you've been dwelling on a sore spot in the past. This week, talk about it to people you trust and like. They've noticed your mood, and they're ready and willing to listen. Talking will release so much of this angst, and you’ll feel so much better. The Five of Pentacles urges you to seek support in the present and let the past fade. This is a turning point.

The Magician is a wonderful card about creativity, invention, entrepreneurship, and talent. Cap, you’re a natural hard worker. This card’s arrival is a signal to ignite your talents, and take extra training or mentorship to turn them into something you can share with the world. You were born to be rich and successful! Believe in that and make it happen.

Caution is not your natural attitude, but you feel a little more reluctant to put yourself out there this week than usual, and that’s okay, Cap. Your instincts are to protect and defend your space, and that is exactly what you should do. The Knight of Pentacles takes care of himself first. He makes sure his territory is safe, and then relaxes in his fortress, working on himself and his priorities. That is your approach for the week ahead.


Ready for an adventure, Pisces? The Wheel of Fortune brings transformative energy into your world. This week, anything is possible. Whatever you thought was going to happen…probably won’t. Expect the unexpected. Be open-minded, and be ready to react to spontaneous opportunities. Don’t count on anything turning out as you expected this week, but (spoiler alert!) have faith it will turn out even better than you hoped!