December 2021 Horoscope: A weekly tarot reading of Dec 20 - 26

2021-12-23 03:59:28 By : Mr. Lewis Yang

The Tarot is the mirror of our soul. Each card reflects what’s not only going on within us but also, symbolises our divine connection to the forces of the Universe – those which we can see and those which we cannot. The images printed on the cards are symbols that contain the keys to unravel all the mysteries of our existence. However, these images have a life of their own, and thus, they change whenever the cards are shuffled. Every shuffle infuses them with magic. Every shuffle infuses us with magic. And so it does for the December 2021 horoscope

The drastically dramatic times we’re experiencing on earth are a reflection of the drastically dramatic times in the heavens above. The cosmos is undergoing a major energetic shift and its effects are rippling over to our lives. However, this is all part of a great divine plan that is essential in our evolution. We may not see it now, but soon it will all make sense.

Venus has begun her retrograde, creating precarious turns within our relationships. However, it’s Christmas time, and during this week, ‘The Universe’ becomes all the more generous with its flow of blessings. So while our hearts may be tested by Venus’ whims and fancied during her retrograde – this week, we will be blessed in abundantly powerful ways – provided we have faith in the Divine Forces that guide us. Let’s see what the stars have in store for us as their messages have been divined by The Tarot.

The year may be coming closer to an end, but this is a week where you can make great new beginnings. The time is ripe to re-invigorate lost passions, as well as, start exploring horizons you’ve never dared to for whatever reason. This is also a time to learn new things and brush up on old skills that are in severe need of upgrading. Do not allow limiting thoughts and beliefs to hold you back. Push through and keep on moving.

This is also a time where you need to nurture your inner child. The ways are many to do that, but in your specific case, it’s to have fun. Find moments of joy within every possible breath. Allow your adventurous side to take over and feel free to take risks (read the fine print first). Most of all, and most importantly, remember not to be too hard on yourself. Life is about living, and as long as, you’re having fun, go for it!

As Christmas comes upon us, it’s time to allow yourself to just indulge in the merriment of all sorts. Yes, this has been a tough year – and your ruling planet, Venus, is doing a daring tango during its retrograde, creating possibilities for things to go quite awry – however, that shouldn’t damper your spirit, for you deserve good things in life. Most importantly, you deserve to cherish and enjoy those very good things!

Even though your shoulders carry burdens that would crumble those with fainter dispositions, you need to release all guilt and shrug them off – at least for this week. Being responsible is a powerful quality, but being constantly made to feel guilty about prioritising yourself first is not. After all, it is your life that you’re living, and not someone else’s. And no one else but you is going to live your life. So why not have fun living it?

Careful about the things you say – especially behind other people’s backs. They’re listening! No, you’re not being spied upon – apart from your smartphone tracking your every move. Just remember that things have a way of spreading, and even though you’re a master of sweet-talking your way out of troubling situations – you can only get away with things to a certain extent. Oversharing and over-promising are the no-nos of the week.

More than anything, The Universe wants you to start taking responsibility for your words, deeds, and actions. Running away from them can be so easy and enticing, but that’s only temporary. Eventually, things will pile up, and before you know it, it’ll all come tumbling down, leaving you caught up in a messy tangled web of your own doing. Don’t worry – just breathe and embrace honesty. After all, the truth sets us free!

Patience is the key to pulling yourself through even the darkest times. It’s also what helps us deal with all matters of the heart, especially during conflicting times. What we need to remember is that time not only heals, but it gives us a broader perspective of situations and offers us clarity unlike ever before – provided we’re brave enough to introspect and look deep within. The good thing is – time is definitely on your side.

This is also a powerful time to plant the seeds of long-term goals and visions that require a lot of patience in their manifestation. Don’t be discouraged by how ‘lofty’ or ‘impractical’ or ‘far-fetched’ they might seem. Build trust in and believe that ‘The Universe’ has your back, and there will be divine forces at play to help those ambitions come true. All you need is the powerful virtue that most don’t possess – patience.

Yes, this is a season of merriment and joy, and this is a time where your dazzling light can illuminate the lives of many in darkness. However, make sure that what comes naturally to you doesn’t end up becoming a burden of sorts. Yes, we have our official, social, and even emotional obligations – but that doesn’t give anyone the right to parasitically rob you of your glow. Thus, make sure you draw your boundaries firmly.

Once your boundaries are clear and solid, people will not only respect you even deeper, but you’ll be able to not only preserve your sanity but have even more fun during all the festivities. Overindulging – especially the unjust demands of others – is a big no-no. Sure, there is a great joy in helping those in need, and by all means, please go ahead and help whenever you can – just don’t be a martyr. It’s very unbecoming of you.

We know you’re incredibly capable of doing everything on your own. And yes, no one else can do things as effectively and efficiently as you can. It’s part of what makes you special. However, sometimes it’s okay to ask for help. Sure, you may think you don’t need it, but when it arrives, and you allow it to – well, help – you’ll realise that not only does life become all the smoother, but you’ll build a powerful ally.

Teamwork is the key, for life is too short for doing all the ‘dirty work’ alone and by yourself. Sure, you have your own set of ways of doing things, but sometimes that can be incredibly restrictive. Bringing in others to help can bring about a breath of fresh air, as well as, allow your mind to focus on bigger and better things, than the minutiae you’re usually bogged down with. Plus, it’ll open your heart chakra – allowing abundance to flow.

The theme of ‘protection’ carries over this week as well, for you may just have to be present in the thick of sticky and murky situations where all eyes are watching your every move. However, as long as, your boundaries are firmly drawn, and you’ve made it crystal clear that no one is allowed to cross them without your consent, nothing and no one will have the power to harm you in any which way. Remember that!

Also, remember that ‘protection’ is a two-way street, and that in order to protect ourselves, we have to keep certain powers that be ‘pleased’. It’s also important to remember that you don’t need to isolate yourself in order to protect yourself. Venus being in retrograde may bring about complications in personal relationships – but that doesn’t mean you avoid. It means you channel your Venusian diplomacy and find win-win situations where your sense of power isn’t compromised.

While the world around you gets caught up in all the merriment and festivities of the season, this is your time to work behind the scenes, without prying eyes watching your move – and patiently walk your path towards achieving goals. Not that you shouldn’t have fun during this time – by all means, indulge a little. However, be watchful of opportunities that pop up when everyone else is distracted – and grab onto them fast!

The key here is the focus, and most importantly, not losing it in spite of all the pleasant distractions that come our way. After all, you know how time doesn’t wait for us, and every moment counts. Plus, your natural gift of stealth will come in handy and will lead to pleasantly surprising results – provided you act in a timely manner and don’t hesitate. Keep your eye on the prize – even if the road ahead is a long one. Wow others by achieving it all without them even noticing your efforts.

Don’t be blue that your season is coming to an end, Sagittarius. It only means that there are new beginnings coming ahead, that bring with them possibilities of abundance, joy, and surprising amounts of goodies that’ll make life all the more pleasant. Channel your Jupiterian optimism and instead of dwelling on the past, enjoy the present, and look forward to a future of bright and powerful possibilities. It’s easier than you think.

This is also a powerful time to open your heart to the divine forces of ‘The Universe’. You have a secret divine connection that not many people know about, nor will they understand. Use it to your advantage and pray without any hesitation. After all, a wise prophet once said, ‘ask and you shall receive’. You’ll be surprised how true that is – especially if you practice it with full faith and trust that ‘The Universe’ will make it happen.

This week, dear Capricorn, as your season is about to start, bringing forth powerful occurrences right from the very beginning – you have to make a choice. That being whether you wish to go about repeating old habits and patterns – just to remain in the warmth and security of what has always been there. Or whether to push yourself out of your comfort zone and break those old cycles in order to finally achieve the happiness you never thought could be yours.

Yes, that choice can be surprisingly hard, for the chains of a false sense of security can be heavy and cumbersome. However, once you make that choice, you’ll create a powerful ripple effect that can not only alter the course of your destiny – but can actively create transformative changes in the world around you – based on this simple choice. So, what will it be – being stuck in your vicious cycles, or breaking them? Choose wisely.

This week, allow yourself to have fun. Celebrate your friends and loved ones, and most of all – celebrate yourself. You know how this year has been for you, as well as, what all you had to go through in order to reach this very moment – celebrate that journey! Why? That is because when we celebrate it, we are honouring ourselves, and telling ‘The Universe’ that we are grateful for the path it’s put us on. That’ll bring abundant blessings our way.

Beyond all that, you deserve to have some fun. Let your hair down and just enjoy the festivities of this merry season. This is a safe time to just let down your guard and tear down your walls and just be carefree. Go ahead, indulge yourself! You absolutely deserve it! Believing otherwise would just damage your sense of self, and you’re far too precious a soul to be bogged down by that. You already march to the beat of your own drum – now dance a little to it.

‘Tis the season to be jolly indeed! So, dear Pisces, allow yourself the freedom to be jolly, for doing so will create a powerful ripple effect that’ll open channels of prosperity, joy, and abundance – causing them to flow your way freely. This is a time to just ‘be’. Rather than pushing yourself – just sit back and relax – and marvel at the way ‘The Universe’ makes things happen automatically on their own without you breaking a sweat.

The thing to remember is that when we have faith that everything is being divinely guided and all events have been carefully curated by forces beyond our comprehension, we don’t need to stress about the details – we can just focus on the bigger picture and what is truly important for us in both the material world and within the realms of the soul and spirit. So feel free to let go of the need to make things happen, and enjoy seeing how the world blossoms around you.

Zorian Cross specialises in eastern and western schools of mysticism and philosophy, and over the past 15 years, has established himself as a respected tarot reader, astrologer, numerologist, and psychic channel. Also a certified ashtanga/vinyasa yoga instructor and a multi-award-winning theatre artiste, Cross’ 2019 TEDX Talk focused on how the transformative power of pain, when channelled through art, can make the world a better place. Follow him on Instagram: @ajnajog

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