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As a wealthy Renaissance merchant, you can use your wealth to buy developments and attract nobles in order to rise in the ranks.

2-4 people can play at a time.

40 tokens: 7 green emeralds, 7 blue sapphires, 7 white diamonds, 7 black onyx, 7 red rubies, and 5 gold jokers

90 development cards: 40 level 1, 30 level 2, and 20 level 3.

The number of circles on the bottom of the card indicates the level of the development deck. Assemble your play area with three decks and draw the top four cards from each, placing them face-up horizontally to the deck they came from.

Five noble tiles can be placed in a play area shuffled. One noble is added to the number of players to determine the total number of nobles.

Remove 3 from each token pile, but keep the gold tokens at 5 if you’re playing with two people.

All token piles should be reduced to 5 by removing 2 from each of them, but the gold tokens should remain at 5 – If playing with 3 players

Taking Part in the Competition

Clockwise play begins with the youngest player. Each player is limited to one of four possible actions on each turn.

The following are the four options:

Take three different coloured gem tokens.

Taking two gem tokens of the same colour is permitted, but only if there are at least four of the same colour tokens.

1 gold token and a development card are yours. Taking a card and paying to develop it is the only way to use it. You can only have three development cards in your hand at any given time. You have the option of taking any unclaimed face-up card or drawing one card from any draw pile.

Using face-up cards or a reserved card in your hand, pay the purchase price of one development card

If a player has more than 10 tokens at the end of their turn, they must return any number of tokens until their pile is back down to 10 tokens. Any number of tokens drawn by a player can be returned by the player, but the tokens must always be visible to the other players.

In order to win, you’ll need a minimum of fifteen prestige points to play development and noble cards.

If a player uses or reserves a face-up development card, then a new one must be drawn to replace it unless all of those cards have been used or reserved.

Before a player can claim ownership of a development card and benefit from its resource bonus (top right) and prestige value (bottom left), the card has a cost (bottom left) (top left).

In order to reduce the cost of future development cards and attract nobles to your business, the resource bonuses listed on development cards are used.

The difficulty level is indicated by the number of circles on the bottom of the card. As a result of this difficulty, both the cost of building these developments and the potential value of purchasing them are being reflected here.

Your business must have a “value” to attract the attention of noble tiles. To be crowned noble, a player must have all of their resource bonuses (from their developments) in place by the end of their turn. Once every turn a player can win a single noble for 3 prestige points. If the player could win more than one in a turn, they can choose the noble of their choice and can still win the other if it isn’t taken by the following turn.

Once a player scores 15 points, the game continues indefinitely. The remaining players can then take their final turns, and the player with the most points at the end of the final round is the winner of the competition.

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Halo Infinite is full of easter eggs and entertaining weapons. Until today, those were considered mutually exclusive. The third mission of the campaign has a secret weapon. It’s a portable variant of the Scorpion Tank’s cannon. The weapon is in Outpost Tremonius. But just in mission three. If you return later, the gun will be gone. If you’ve progressed further in the campaign, you’ll need to get it on your next game.

First, you must complete the objective until you go outside, marking your first visible ring in Halo Infinite. The mission then requires you to walk up a hill to a ship waiting to pick you up. There will be adversaries trying to kill you, so clear them out first.

After defeating the opponents, use your grappling hook to scale the wall seen below. This wall should be right behind your map’s ship/objective.

Then you’ll face the two cannons shown below. Make sure you climb the right one. The left cannon is purely decorative and serves no purpose.

After climbing the right cannon, stand like in the image below. On the right barrel of the right cannon is a prompt that says Pick Up.

It’s worth noting that developer 343 has yet to fix this potential bug. So, use the rifle quickly to gain your Legendary or LASO achievements before it’s gone.

Here’s a new quest. In Halo Infinite, you must battle the mighty Thav ‘Sebarim to obtain the powerful Arcane Sentinel Beam. Here’s how to defeat this alien. Thav ‘Sebarim is southwest of FOB Bravo and northeast of FOB Charlie. It’s also the Horn of Abolition mission. See the image below for the actual location.

When you arrive, Thav ‘Sebarim will be riding a Ghost, a lethal Banished vehicle. The easiest solution is to run towards the bike and grapple shot it. Master Chief will grab it and seize control, slamming the alien target. Then use his vehicle’s blasters to kill Thav ‘Sebarim. That’s shields and life meters will vanish in seconds. He had no idea.

Next, take down his thugs with the Ghost. You should be able to finish this target objective fast because of the easy foes. The new Arcane Sentinel Beam is waiting for you on the left, besides some blue canisters, grenades, and red boxes.

The Arcane Sentinel Beam has less ammo but zaps foes faster than the ordinary variant. Other upgraded weapons can be found after fighting Bibbap and Writh Kul.

Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach has six intense endings. All are satisfying, but the Hero ending is the best. To unlock the game’s best ending, the Hero ending, you must find and complete all three Princess Quest arcade minigames. This guide will show you how.

Check out our guides for all FNAF Security Breach needs. We have guides on how to get all 6 endings and how to decommission Chica. Now for the Princess Quest locations in FNAF Security Breach.

You need to find and complete all three Princess Quest locations to get the Hero ending. You must beat the first two before 06:00. The Princess Quest minigames are simple 2D dungeon crawlers.

The first Princess Quest is behind Roxy’s salon. The game is in the offices in the back. The second Princess Quest is found in the arcade where Music Man first appears. The games themselves are simple and easy to beat. Now that’s out of the way, you can leave with Vanny.

After choosing Vanny and completing the initial chase sequence, you can choose between the Destruction and Hero endings. After completing the last Princess Quest, all help bots will be disabled. Also, Vanny removes its mask to reveal itself.

William Afton, also known as Springtrap, Glitchtrap, Purple Guy, and many other names, is implanted on the Princess Quest games. Once you beat the games, Glitchtrap’s machines, including Vanny’s brainwashing, fail.

The Hero ending will show you the next events as they happen. Vanessa, Gregory, and Freddy eventually leave together. They all watch the sunset together, content for now.

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