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2021-12-23 04:09:33 By : Mr. Frank Liang

Read weekly Tarot Card predictions for all zodiac signs and plan your day ahead. 

At work, you may be predisposed to unfriendly and spiteful words of your boss or colleagues, but you don’t have to take every word to your heart. Beware of deception and breach of trust in business dealings. Loss of money is foreseen. Go slow in love as you may suffer betrayal of some kind at a deep emotional level. You might get hurt because of your partner’s insensitivity. Give yourself time to process your thoughts and feelings. Reconcile and put the past behind. Do not overthink the harsh words and behaviours of people around you.

This is going to be a week that puts you in limelight. You will get an opportunity to speak in public or showcase your expertise. If you have been working on a project or assignment, it will be finished and well appreciated. Your financial struggle will be over and you will be rewarded for your efforts and hard work. You will be ready to walk the extra mile to make things work with your partner. You may be investing more time in understanding your partner better. Singles may meet a potential partner through work or at the workplace.

Proposals, marriage, engagement is also on cards for some of you. For singles, romance is blossoming and this is a good time to begin a new relationship. Your personal life is filled with positive energy, and there will be harmony at home. Emotions will be freely expressed and reciprocated. Build on your communication with your children and strengthen your bond with them. At work, you will be resourceful and will be able to be supportive of coworkers. You will be able to come up with innovative ideas and methods to manage your work and projects. It is a good time to make investments.

This is the week of happiness and contentment. Follow a practical and down-to-earth approach in love. Singles could meet a romantic partner, perhaps through work. You may be presented with an opportunity to gain financially or expand your business. Unexpected windfall is also indicated. There will be a job offer or you may be given a more prominent role in the organisation that translates into a promotion or bonus. You are advised to make make the most of an opportunity while it’s still available.

You may have many tabs opened at once that will make it hard for you to focus on any. Family and relationships will be demanding and may weigh you down. Do not overwork or exhaust yourself. Work towards resolving any issues. Love is not a duty; add some fun and excitement to your relationship. There will be more work and responsibilities at work than you can handle comfortably. You will feel burdened overworked with too many projects to handle. Try to delegate some work to seek help from colleagues. Listen to your body and take a break or a day off to rest and recuperate.

Now is the time to make real progress towards your goals. To be successful, stay focused and don’t rush things. Harness your energy and focus on your goal. Your relationship will progress but don’t try to push too hard to make things work. You will be completely immersed in your professional ventures and endeavours. Perhaps you need to spend time in self-development, acquiring skills, knowledge. At work, take the reins and control in your hand rather than depending on others. Tend to financial matters carefully.

The relationship with family and partner will be calm but a little aloof. You and your partner may choose to keep a part of your life separate. Your instincts about a relationship/lover are probably correct. Listen to your heart and be guided by your feelings and intuition. Be more practical about handling money and possessions. A guide or a mentor may help you in your career. Be wary of sharing your ideas, or financial plans with anyone. Be patient & do not expect instant results.

You will find yourself caught in a middle of a situation and not knowing which side to choose. Resolving & moving past the stalemate is the only solution. There is a need for balance in your relationships. You must not ignore any existing problems, speak clearly to find a solution. You may have a choice to make between two jobs or career paths. Consider all the facts before making any decision. Make sure that you are wise with finances.

You will be full of new and innovative ideas. You need to put your plan into action in order to fulfil your dreams and achieve your goals. Plan meticulously and don’t be impulsive. You are likely to receive positive news related to your career or job even as there may be some delays. There may be some conflict in your relationship as either you or your partner may indulge in petty arguments and disagreements. You also need to be patient as there may be some delay in commitment.

Stay focussed and in control of things at work, business, and career. You may receive support and guidance from a mature older man at the workplace or in business. Discipline and structure will provide success. Plan your investments very well and think through your business dealing with logic and not emotions. You & your partner will stay connected on an intellectual & emotional level. Give attention to your partner & do not hesitate to make the first move.

You can expect a positive outcome from the initiatives taken recently. There will be a balance in work & relationships. Pay attention to practical matters and ensure that your emotional needs are met. The signing of contracts & documents is indicated. Any ongoing legal matters may get resolved, job interviews and negotiations will be successful. Money matters will improve. You will get the support of influential people and your projects will get support.

A negative attitude may be affecting your work or position in the organization. Your current job may not be giving you the satisfaction you seek. Avoid any confrontations or arguments at the workplace. Be careful of deceit or cheating in business. Think for yourself in the financial matters and use your own information, connections and experience. Be diplomatic and not argumentative with your spouse. Think positive and be accommodating in love. Stand up for what you think is right and don’t let someone else call the shots.

(These Tarot Card predictions are by Chhavi Upadhyay, who is a Delhi–based, intuitive Tarot Practitioner & Consultant, you can contact her at tarotchhavi@gmail.com) 

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