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digital signage mainboard digital signage motherboard lcd display main board lcd screen mother board android board
display digital signage Machine Mainboard RK3288 Development Electronic Pcba Industrial Control mother boards ANDROID MAINBOARD
android main board pc mother board digital signage screen motherboard


This product is a high-definition advertising machine board. The main chip is mstv59xus. This chip is a digital TV chip of MSTAR company. It is widely used in TV, advertising machine, digital photo frame and other programs. It is widely used in TV, advertising machine, digital photo frame and other programs. It can directly drive the LCD screen of LVDS interface, and has HDMI HD input interface (supporting 1920 × 1080p / 60Hz HD input signal), which can provide 2 × 6W audio output power. Support 1080p and below video and picture playback, support menu rotation of 90 degrees, 180 degrees and 270 degrees; support picture and video rotation of 180 degrees, effectively solve the problem of poor viewing angle of LCD screen; support USB automatic copy (can copy each other from SD card to USB disk), encrypted copy, selective copy, manual copy and other copy methods, It is convenient for users to change programs safely and quickly. The decoding board is energy saving and low consumption, standby power consumption is less than 1W.

The product designed for full HD advertising display, Support multi-types panel connection methods like LVDS port, HDMI port(1920X1080p/60HZ, full HD),support 2x6W audio output. Support video and image display with 1080P display effective and lower, Support 90°,180°,270° menu adjustment. Support video and image with 90°,180°, 270° adjustment, Support USB drive automatically copy mode(Between Nand, SD card and USB flash drive),encryption copy mode, selective copy mode, handoperation mode etc, very convenience for user change the advertising content and choose.
  1. DC voltage input:+12V,Adaptable to bus purpose such bad working environment. Low power consumption, high stability, high EFT.
  2. Support multi format:MP3/WMA/JPEG/MEPG4(AVI:Div-X / X-Vid)/MPEG2(DVD:VOB/MPG2)
/MPEG1(VCD:DAT/MPG1)/MOV etc.(Details show in appendix 2).
  1. Support auto play in SD or USB devices.
  2. Support scroll text, you can change the location, the color, and the background Color.
  3. Support logo icon in the left corner.
  4. Power on or Power off system with user set time (MAX 5 groups).
  5. Support playing background music.
  6. Support splitting the screen to many parts, you can put videos,pictures into them.
  7. Support participating spot commercial.
Adopt MSTAR high definition multimedia special decoder chip, high frequency and excellent performance

The DC input voltage is + 12V, which can adapt to harsh working environment (such as vehicle environment), with low power consumption, good stability and strong anti-interference

Working mode: normal working mode, standby mode

Multi storage media support function: supports USB2.0 and hot swap

Compatible with multiple playback formats: MP3, wma, JPEG, MEPG4 (AVI: div-x / x-vid), MPEG2 (DVD: VOB / mpg2), MPEG1 (VCD: DAT / mpg1), MOV, etc

Video format: pal, NTSC, automatic

Video output: up to 1080p (resolution 1920 * 1080) progressive scan HD display and interlaced scan HD display (1080i, resolution 1920 * 1080)

Audio output: two channel stereo audio output 2x6W, signal to noise ratio 85dB

Playback mode: single repeat playback, folder loop playback, full loop playback

OSD language: support Chinese, English and other languages

Remote control function: infrared remote control

Timing switch: saving energy and prolonging service life

Rolling subtitle: while playing the video advertisement, the preset text message will be displayed at the bottom of the screen

Memory play: in some cases, when the power is off, it will play from the moment when the power is off

Clock display: With Clock IC, time information can be displayed

Support automatic copy function: USB files can be copied to memory card automatically, the same file name can be covered, and different file names can be copied

Key expansion: external key board, support HDMI signal input (can be used as display)

Support multiple pictures playing at the same time, namely split screen function

It supports the function of playing list and can play the content at different times according to the needs

Multi-media support format

MeidaFile extensionCodec 
Video codecAudio codec



30fps Bit Rate: 20Mbps
.ts/.trpMPEG-4, H.264
.mkv/.movMPEG-4, H.264
.mpgMPEG-1, MPEG-2
.flvMPEG-4, H.264



30fps Bit rate:




Bit Sampling: 32K‐48KHz Bit Rate:32K‐ 320Kbps



Bit Sampling: 32K‐48KHz Bit Rate:32K‐



Baseline JPEG

Max    Resolution:9600 X6400
Android Main Board PC Mother Board Digital Signage Screen Motherboard

    1. Scope of application
MBOX103C belongs to the smart board, generally applicable to: advertising machines, digital signage, intelligent self-service terminals, intelligent retail terminals, O2O intelligent equipment, etc.
    1. Product description
MBOX103C using all-A20 Cortex-A7 dual-core CPU, equipped with Android4.2 system, clocked at up to 1.0GHz, outstanding performance, cost-effective. GPU with Mali-400MP2, first-class picture and video processing capabilities, is your best choice in the digital signage industry.
    1. Features

high definition. Maximum support 1080P decoding and a variety of LVDS signal LCD display.
support remote, SD card / TF card, computer and other upgrades
SD card / TF card configuration screen parameters, plug that is bright, the perfect support for the size, the resolution of the display
perfect support industry mainstream release software, industry application software, that is installed
perfect support for infrared, optics, capacitors, resistors and other mainstream touch screen, support for HEX-free touch screen configuration, no debugging.
perfect support industry mainstream USB / serial device, printer, card reader, password keyboard, fingerprint device, camera, ID card identification, two-dimensional code scanner, etc., to provide demon test procedures.
highly integrated. With LVDS / HDMI / VGA / AV OUT four video output, one video input (AV IN), WIFI / RJ45 / outside the expansion of USB 3G and other three ways of networking.
CPUFull mind A20 , dual core ,Frequency1.0 GHz
Built-in memoryEMMC 8/16/32G(Optional)
Decoding resolutionMAX support 1080P
operating systemAndroid 4.X
Play modeSupport cycle, timing, spots and other playback modes
Network supportEthernet, WiFi support, wireless peripherals extensions
Video playbackSupport wmv,avi,flv,rm,rmvb,mpeg ,ts,mp4,etc
Pictures formatSupport BMP,JPEG,PNG,GIF ,etc
USB2.0 port2*USB HOST
Ethernet1*,10M/100M Adaptive Ethernet
LVDS output1*,Can directly drive 50 / 60Hz LCD screen
HDMI output1*,support 1080P output
Audio and video input / outputSupport CVBS video input, left and right channel output (support dual channel 4R / 20W, 8R / 10W speakers)
RTC Real Time Clocksupport
Timing switch machinesupport
System UpgradeSupport USB / T card / network upgrade
Android Main Board PC Mother Board Digital Signage Screen MotherboardAndroid Main Board PC Mother Board Digital Signage Screen Motherboard

IoT-3288A is the smart motherboard for business ,generally used for : advertising player,digital signage,smart self service teminals,smart retail machines,O2O smart device,industrial host,robots and so on.
IoT-3288A uses the ARM Cortex-A17 processor from Rockchip based on Android 5.1 OS,up to 1.8 GHz with high performance.
It supports 4K 10bits VP9/H265/H264 video decoders, up to 60fps with Mali-t764 GPU. It performs very brilliantly no matter in the game or decoding.It will be the best choice for human-machine interactive or industrial project.
  • Highly integrated. It integrates LVDS,EDP,Ethernet,HDMI,WIFI and bluetooth,simple ,ultra thin and outstanding.
  • Built-in PCI-E 3G module.supports kinds brands of PCI-E 3G/4G modules like HUAWEI,LONGSHANG including the network and voice call.  
  • Rich extension interface. 7 USB (5 pins,2 standard USB interface),4 serial ports(2 *TTL, 2 *RS232),GPIO/ADC , it can satisfy kinds requirement for peripherals
  • High resolution. Supports decoding of the maximum 4k(3840*2160) and kinds of LCD screens with LVDS/EDP interfaces,split /cut screen in different sizes and resolution.
  • OEM Android system is available.Provide the API code for system interface,perfectly supports the superior APP development from the customer.
  • Works well with infrared ,optical ,capacitive,resistance and so on touch screens,supports the HID equipment with free-drive of touch screen without debug.
CPURK3288 Quad Core Cortex-A17 up to 1.8GHz Max
STORAGEEMMC 8/16/32G(Optional)
OSAndroid 5.1
PLAY MODESupport loop playback,set-time,inte cut etc.
Network3G,Ethernet,WiFi/bluetooth 4.0,Wireless peripherals extensions 
Video wmv,avi,flv,rm,rmvb,mpeg ,ts,mp4 and so on
USB2.0 interface2 USB HOST,5 USB sockets
Series port4 series port sockets
GPSExternal GPS(optional)
WIFI,BTBuilt in WIFI,BT4.0(optional)
3GBuilt in WCDMA,EVDO,4G,support voice communication
Ethernet1pc,10M/100Madaptive ethernet
SD cardSupport 
LVDS output1 single/dual channel,can directly drive 50/60HZ LCD screen
eDP outputCan directly drive different LCD screen with eDP interface
HDMI output1,support 1080p/120Hz,4K*2K/60Hz output
AUDIO/VIDEO outputSupport L&R audio-out,built in two 4R/20W,8R/10Wpower amplifier 
RTC real time clocksupport
timing switchersupport
System updateSupport local SD/USB updates
Android Main Board PC Mother Board Digital Signage Screen MotherboardAndroid Main Board PC Mother Board Digital Signage Screen MotherboardAndroid Main Board PC Mother Board Digital Signage Screen MotherboardAndroid Main Board PC Mother Board Digital Signage Screen MotherboardAndroid Main Board PC Mother Board Digital Signage Screen Motherboard
IoT-3399E is one kind of Android Smart Motherboard, normally used for smart terminal, video or picture advertising player, self service terminals, e.g.: Advertising player, digital signage, smart selfservice terminal,O2O machines, Industrial control host,robot device,etc.
1.2 General Description:
IoT-3399E adopt RK3399 (dual Cortex-A72 macronucleus+quard Cortex-A53 Micronucleus)hexa-core 64byte advanced CPU, Android7.1 OS, main frequency max. Can be 2 GHz. Adopt Mali-T860MP4 GPU, support 4K,H.265DXVA. Multichannel video output and input. Stronger performance, faster speed,Richer Interface, which will be the best choice.
1.3 Product features:
RK3399 super CPU with Android 7.1 OS, with faster speed,Richer Interface.
Support 5G and 2.4G WIFI, independent double antenna.
LAN port, support 1000M.
Build in PCI-E 3G/4G module interface. Support PCI-E 3G/4Gmodule, support Internet and phone call.
Extension Interface 8XUSB (1XUSB3.0 OTG,1XUSB3.0 Host +1XUSB2.0+5XHUB),1X485 interface,4xExtensible serial port(1xTTL,3xRS232),GPIO & ADC port,suitable for more kinds of device.
High Definition. Max. Support 3840x2160 4K decoding, support LCD screen with LVDS/eDP/HDMI OUT/HDMI IN ports, support dual screen display different content.
Support Android OS customized, provide system call interface API identifying code, support application APP development.
Support IR touch,optics touch, Capacitance touch,Resistance touch, touch film. Support HID configuration for free touch screen,no need adjust.

Main hardware indicators

Rockchip RK3399 Max. 64byte high-performance CPU, Max. dominant frequency: 2.0GHz;
1: DUAL Cortex-A72macronucleus+QUAD Cortex-A53 nucleolus 64-bit CPU
2: Built in low power consumption MCU Cortex-M0

GPU: Quad core ARM Mali-T860MP4 GPU
Ram/Rom: Stands with 2G(4G optional)/ EMMC stands 16G(8G/32G/64G optional)
Build-in: ROM 32KB EEPROM
LVDS Output: 1 single / double roads, can directly drive 1920x1080 screen
eDP output: Max. Drive 4KX2K resolution screen with eDP interface
HDMI output: one HDMI, support 1080P@60Hz, 4kx2k@60Hz output
Audio and video output: Support left and right channel output, build in dual amplifier of 4R/20W & 8R/10W
Earphone: Support one earphone interface
USB interface: 2 X USB3.0 ,1XUSB2.0 HOST,5XUSB
Serial port: 3XRS232,1X485,1XTTL,1XDEBUG
Mipi Camera: 30pin FPC, SUPPORT 1300w Camera
WIFI,BT: BUILD IN WIFI,BT4.0(Optional)support double frequency WIFI, double antenna.
3G/4G: build in WCDMA,EVDO,4G for all frequency, support voice call.
Internet: 1x  self-adaption 100M/1000M Ethernet
Video Play: Support wmv,avi,flv,rm,rmvb,mpeg ,ts,mp4 etc.
Picture format: support BMP,JPEG,PNG,GIF
OS: Android 7.1
Support RTC real time clock, Support ON/OFF timing, Support local USB upgrade
Android Main Board PC Mother Board Digital Signage Screen Motherboard

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